Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle is ideal for editorial as often tells a story and also for brand advertising as customers can relate to the subject photographed, it feels authentic when captured well.

Stock-style images for company websites, blogs or articles, Mary's lifestyle images evoke emotion and energy while staying true to each individual brand message.

We enhance brands by providing businesses with high quality visual media assets, persistently & slyly made to engage directly with their target market. We are mindful of the product story, and unique value proposition of every client, and create visual media that strongly connects your brand’s message.

We value competence, honesty, and integrity, and work together with individuals in a respectful and reasonable way.

We value long term partnerships with our customers, mutual trust, and bringing high value hands-on results for these clients.

We value endless self-improvement, innovation, out of the box thinking, hard work, and constantly strive to exceed our client’s expectations.

Generally speaking, it’s away from the artificial studio backdrops and lights. It feels more honest and real.

My goal in my photography is not only to meet your expectations but to exceed them. To that end, I have designed my photography packages to best fit your needs.

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