I found myself shooting more weddin…

Simply Red I found myself shooting …
August 17, 2018
Went straight to Tagum City all the…
August 19, 2018

I found myself shooting more weddings && pre-nups these days. I don’t write, but I like stories, either listening or telling one. I like telling stories through photographs. So if you want to tell your story using still photos, let’s write it down and preserve your happiest day for the rest of your life.
Please send us an email at rjmonsod@gmail.com for wedding rates && packages. I am always around to talk about your special day.

Love Lots,
Rj Monsod

Book your weddings guys! Would love to be your photographer on your wedding day.
Manila rates are already available. Send me a PM or email me at rjmonsod@gmail.

Contact number : +639171191800